Painting the Town Yellow

by on April 3, 2018


Yellow is the color of spring. It’s also the color of happiness, optimism, and
enlightenment. This radiant color draws our attention more than any other color on
the spectrum. If you have been to downtown Madison lately, you may have noticed a
rash of yellow decals and artwork displayed in store windows. Painting The Town
Yellow, which started on March 11 and runs through April 31, is a borough-wide
celebration to shine a light on happiness in a movement that seeks to positively
impact and brighten the world. It is also an initiative to raise awareness for
depression and suicide prevention. The Township, in sponsorship with the Madison
Area YMCA and the Madison NJ Downtown Development Committee hopes to
spread the “color” yellow through optimism inspired exhibitions, yellow splat
decals, yellow themed events, fundraisers, an optimism based speaker series and
customer discounts throughout the town. A portion of all proceeds will be used to
support the Madison area YMCA community health initiative and UMEWE, an art
and design collaboration dedicated to promoting optimistic works of art. You can
join the movement by purchasing “I’m INTO Yellow” pins and stickers at
participating businesses. Businesses can participate by displaying some of the
optimism-themed artwork from the Peg Williams Gallery at Short Stories on Main
Street. For more information on the speaker series, borough events and
participating stores, visit the Paint the Town Yellow Madison Facebook page at

Please join the movement and help paint Madison yellow!

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