“Trust Sue and her team. You will be beyond thrilled!”

Dear Neighbor,

If you are buying or selling a home, you need to do it with the Sue Adler Team!  From the minute we met Sue and her team, we were impressed by their organization, competence, professionalism, and ability to execute every aspect of our home sale in an efficient and friendly manner. The Sue Adler Team came highly recommended to us by friends who live in the neighborhood and we wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend the team to anyone looking to sell or buy a house in the area!

 Chris, the team’s dedicated Home Inspection Negotiator, next worked with us to identify any potential physical problems there may be with our home.  The pre-listing inspection was helpful in identifying the repairs we needed to make before signing a contract, which could have led to a costly post-offer negotiation or even to a buyer walking away.  Peter’s photography was perfect.  He took great shots of the house and made the glossy brochure more inviting without the all-too-familiar exaggerations you normally see.

Melissa, the Listing Success Manager handled everything behind the scenes. Always with a smile, Melissa held our hand through every step of the process, from getting the house ready for sale to listing the house in MLS and through the showings and giving us feedback.  Lastly, there’s Sue. We can’t thank her enough. Our advice to you is to “do as Sue says”. She’s a real estate guru who knows how to sell your home quickly and at the right price to create multiple offers.  Trust Sue and her team. You will be beyond thrilled!”

      Bob and Rhoda Yankovitz – 388 Wyoming Ave, Millburn. List price: $739,000, Sale Price $823,000