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Laurie’s Last Name Should Be “Sterling” Silver Corsello!
Laurie Silver-Corsello impressed us from the moment she walked into our home. Thoroughly knowledgeable, eminently prepared and pleasantly dynamic – these attributes served us so well as our house was listed, marketed, shown and sold. What we could not have known and appreciated from that first meeting, however, was the personal attention and guidance that she would continue to provide -- and always with the same level of honesty and dedication. We learned that time and time again through her work with us. Whatever Laurie said, she delivered. She was clear-headed and logical when we needed her to be and stepped up with solutions whenever situations developed. Working with her Sue Adler team of Melissa Bulwith, Neil Steiger and Peter Jacoby continued the level of professionalism that Laurie had introduced to us. In short, the experience of selling our home with Laurie Silver-Corsello was, in one word, “Sterling.”
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