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Thank you Laurie for a superior outcome!
We were able to retire to Northern Virginia to purchase a dream home in May near grandkids after the expert help and guidance from your persuasive and experienced and God's grace. A follow up invite from Amy Esposito to participate in a home selling webinar was the spark that accelerated our plans to prepare our home for maximum appeal in this unprecedented robust market versus next year. At first we strongly resisted recommendations to paint our honey oak kitchen cabinets and rec room paneling Winds Breath beige but before and after pics offered by Laurie Silver-Corsello were more compelling that those less gently offered suggestions by a top Chatham realtor who wanted to list our home for $100,000 less. We believe that God acted through your responsive team and contractors including Erika Olesen, Aislinn Cholet, Jessica Lascar and Leah Gomberg and Hugh Strong and Ben Weisfelner to give us the resources just in time to transform our home in just 3 weeks on a $12,000 budget that was readily recouped with $745,000 cash offer on first weekend of showings with 3 other offers in excess of the asking price as a back-up. Hugh Strong's foreman Ivan went above and beyond to continue painting interior rooms and touching up exterior surfaces on an only where needed budget just days before listing even after learning of the sad news that his brother Eduardo who is new father was suffering from a brain tumor! I must say that the process was still an exhausting nail-biter between decluttering to local storage, sorting through a lifetime of memorabilia, closing out 40 year old permits and enduring invasive inspections (including colonoscopy of our sewer line.) but the sale was closed within our aggressive deadline after a $11,500 credit issued to the buyer. The remarkable thing was that with these mostly cosmetic improvements, that our home fetched a similar price for our home that has the Midtown direct railroad track in the backyard as those with substantially more updates/remodeling in the quieter side of Woodland Road. A home warranty funded by Laurie Silver-Corsello helped cement the deal. Please accept our thanks for superior outcome!
Scott & KathyPloshay
Home Seller | Chatham