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The Sue Adler Team Chatham Market Stats October 2019

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Data compiled from the GSMLS. Deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. We feel that if you are in the market to buy or sell real estate in Chatham, it is important to understand the trends in Active Listings, Days on the Market, and Listing to Sale Price ratio so that you can make an educated decision.

  • OLP: Original List Price
  • LP: List Price at time of sale
  • SP: Sale Price
  • DOM: Days On Market


68 CENTER AVE*$429,000$429,000$507,00021CapeCod118%10
31 WOODLAND RD*$599,000$599,000$580,00042RanchRas97%16
462 GREEN VILLAGE RD*$650,000$575,000$545,00031.1FixrUppr84%102
43 WASHINGTON AVE*$659,000$659,000$659,00032Custom100%13
115 CENTER AVE*$669,000$669,000$712,00041.1Colonial106%7
101 WASHINGTON AVE*$699,000$659,000$615,00021.1Colonial88%142
16 TALLMADGE AVE*$724,900$724,900$740,00032.1Colonial102%11
14 CLARK ST*$1,200,000$1,200,000$1,150,00052Colonial96%14


462 GREEN VILLAGE RD*$650,000$575,000$545,00031FixrUppr84%102
219 TERRACE DR*$314,999$299,999$287,50011TwnEndUn91%92
20 VALLEY VIEW RD*$665,000$665,000$665,00032Ranch100%11
564 RIVER RD*$725,000$725,000$750,00032Colonial103%15
26 MEYERSVILLE RD*$769,000$724,999$700,00033Colonial91%125
20 CRESTWOOD DR*$849,000$699,000$662,00032Colonial78%137
18 RUNNYMEDE RD*$879,000$879,000$900,00033Custom102%9
41 NICHOLSON DR*$995,000$995,000$980,00052Colonial98%28
16 PINE ST*$1,399,000$1,399,000$1,376,00043Colonial98%58
12 SCENERY HILL DR*$2,895,000$2,895,000$2,730,00077Colonial94%133
81 MAY DR*$2,949,000$2,699,000$2,390,00077Colonial81%84
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