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Buying Your Home

When you are buying a home in New Jersey, everything matters! The #1 Real Estate Team in Short Hills, Millburn, Summit, Maplewood, South Orange, Livingston, Chatham, Madison, and surrounding New Jersey towns is here to guide you through the process!

We have our pulse on the market, each community, and do what it takes to find you a home and do NOT just rely on the MLS. If you’re a relocation buyer, we’re happy to video homes that appeal to you online so that you know whether it’s worth the trip in.

Big or Small, we sell them all

The buyer consultation is the first step in helping you find your dream home. During the buyer consult one of our experienced agent partners will go over the process of buying a home in New Jersey, what to expect and help answer any questions you may have. Additionally, we complete a needs analysis which our clients really find a lot of value in because it helps pinpoint exactly what is most important to you in a home, our saying is we would rather ask 5,000 questions and show you 5 homes to find your dream home than ask 5 questions and waste your time showing you 5,000 homes.

After the buyer consults, we will also take you on town tours if you are unfamiliar with our communities. Town tours are totally custom, and typically show you the schools, downtown, parks, best restaurants and explain the various sections of our gorgeous communities. Clients rave about the town tour process, it really helps narrow your search to your favorite community. No one buys a home without first being sold on the community.

Pre Approval

Getting pre-approved is a critical step in the home buying process. Understanding your purchase power will empower you to know exactly what you can afford. We find most clients are reluctant to get pre-approved because they believe the process is long and cumbersome when in fact a 15-minute phone call and some basic documents typically yield a pre-approval within an hour or two. If you are a serious home buyer, getting pre-approved also sets you up for success because you can use that pre-approval to make an offer. No one will take you seriously if you present an offer without financial backing.

Video Tour

Buyers today are spending more time prequalifying the homes they want to see in person. We are committed to arranging a video tour of the properties you are interested in before you come to see them in person. We also keep a video library of homes we show, so there is a high likelihood we already have a video we can send to you.

Our Virtually Virtual Process
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Today, our typical buyer only sees 2 to 4 homes in person because we provide so much information virtually for them.

View Properties

Because we have completed a buyer consult, we find most of our clients find a home they love within the first 10 homes we show them. This is because we preview every home before we show you it, checking to make sure it matches your criteria, the last thing we would ever want to do is waste your time. That being said, some of our clients take a bit longer, and that's totally OK. We understand that this is a huge decision and we are here for the long haul. While viewing properties our agent partners will highlight the good, the bad and the ugly, ensuring you know exactly what you are buying.


Congratulations! You have found a property that you love! Your agent partner will now pull comps and discuss making an offer with you. Offers are comprised of three parts, first is of course price, second is terms and third is the offer package. When considering your offer you will want to review offers and understand other interest in the property. Because our towns are so sought after it is not uncommon to be in multiple offers where our buyers will need to offer over asking to win the home. The good news is our experienced team has successfully negotiated thousands of homes and we will guide you every step of the way. Terms are an often overlooked part of the offer process. What is the ideal closing date, how much money are you putting down, is there a mortgage contingency or any inspection clauses? These are just a sampling of the various terms that could make your offer stronger, even with a lower price.


Inspections are critical. This is your opportunity to review the property for any defects that you were unaware of at the time of your offer. We have an extensive list of highly regarded inspectors who are extremely thorough, patient at answering your questions and knowledgeable about finding solutions to problems. Traditional inspections include a general home inspection, wood destroying insect inspection, oil tank scan, and level 2 chimney inspection. Pending the results of these inspections, it may be recommended that we conduct follow up inspections by a specialist such as an electrician and/or plumber, not to worry we have a long list of those as well :)


Woohoo! You made it to the closing table! We will schedule a final walk-through of the home to ensure everything is as we expected it to be, no holes in the wall, big scratches on the floor, etc.. The week of closing we will provide you with a list of utility providers to switch over your electric, gas and water service, no one wants to move into a house without electricity that's just no fun! You will then head to the closing location, sign a ton of documents and officially be a homeowner!!! Your agent partner will be with you every step of the way.

Enjoy Your New Home

Moving in can be stressful, but we have a long list of movers who can help make the process smoother for you. Our relationship doesn't end at closing, in fact, it is just getting started. Being part of the Sue Adler Team family means you have access to our list of preferred vendors, will get invites to all our client events like Pie Day, our famous Pumpkin Patch Party, and annual client party. We are always just a call, text or email way, please never hesitate to ask for anything, we are Yours to Count on.

The Sue Adler Team Difference

  • We make the process simple, easy and fun!
  • Representation

    We are team of specialists. Meaning you and the seller will never be represented by the same agent. This ensures your advocate is truly yours and will work for your best interests!

  • Industry Leading Technology

    Our home search site updates every 15 minutes meaning you see exactly what’s on the market and what is not, we even beat Zillow with our speed! Additionally, our home search site lets you favorite and share listings, calculate mortgage payments and explore communities, all from the comfort of your own home.

  • In-Depth Community Tours

    No one buys a home without first being sold on the community. We take the time upfront to provide in-depth community tours, this way you find your dream home in your dream town!

  • Pro-Active Buyer Marketing

    Most agents just wait for homes to hit the MLS, but in a low inventory market, you could find yourself frustrated with this approach. The Sue Adler Team is proactive in finding homes for our buyers via neighborhood letters and cold calling homeowners on your behalf. We leave no stone unturned.

  • "Yours To Count On" Club

    We believe that all our clients are clients for life. We are “yours to count on”. This includes invitations to our annual client parties, pumpkin patch event, pie day and so much more. We also pride ourselves in being the community connectors, whether you need a babysitter, mason, contractor, lawn person or just a good restaurant for a special night out. Give us a ring we are here for you!

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