“Walking in a Winter Wonderland” with the Frelinghuysen Arboretum

by on December 21, 2015

Take a break from the wintertime indoor activities and embrace the wonderfully mild weather! Morris Township’s lovely Frelinghuysen Arboretum is hosting two scavenger hunts this winter to get people outside and enjoying the season. A wonderful event for kids and adults alike, anyone eager to get a breath of fresh air and explore New Jersey’s winter woods!


“A Special Holiday Scavenger Hunt”

From Saturday Dec 26th, 2015 through Sunday Jan 3rd

Between 9am and 3:30pm

Contestants will be given a list of all the wonderful and wild objects that can be spotted at the arboretum—from seasonal plants to wintery animals! Bring along a keen eye and a camera/camera phone to bring home a prize the whole family can enjoy! And of course enjoy all of the wonderful sights and histories of the arboretum.

$10 per family, tickets can be purchased at the arboretum’s “Haggerty Education Center”


“Winter Weekend Photo Scavenger Hunt”

Starting Saturday, January 2nd 2016

Saturdays and Sundays throughout January, February, and March!

Bring a camera/phone and keep a look out for the creative monthly themes of each scavenger hunt! Then bring your list of all your spotted objects back to the Haggerty Education Center to claim your prize.

January’s Scavenger Theme: “Can You Believe That?”

February’s Scavenger Theme: “Whole Lotta Love!”

March’s Scavenger Theme: “Popping Up All Over!”

$10 per family, tickets can be purchased at the arboretum’s “Haggerty Education Center”


For more information on fun winter and holiday events at the arboretum, to read more about the year round activities, projects, and events, or to plan your visit, check out the Frelinghuysen Arboretum at: http://www.arboretumfriends.org





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