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All New 2024 Line-Up: Home-Selling Workshop Edition

by: Sue Adler
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    The Sue Adler Team has been trailblazing interactive Home Selling Workshops for over a decade, and they’re kicking off 2024 with unbeatable strategies, bold moves, and more tenacity than ever! While their experience has broadened, tools have become more refined, and their influence has strengthened, their goal remains the same: to foster a community of empowered home buyers and sellers, who maintain control over their housing journey with the support and guidance of the powerhouse engine that is The Sue Adler Team.

  • 💭 So what is a home selling workshop? 💭

    The Sue Adler Team’s Home-Selling Workshops are nationally recognized, and for good reason. Each event targets the needs of the community audience. Their highly qualified hosts and Team members discuss a range of topics from individual concerns, to common misconceptions, to market trends, to providing examples of how we optimize your interests and net you the most. Their mission is to leave home owners and buyers with a renewed sense of confidence and control in their journey.

  • ❔But, can I just google it❔

    Arguably the most valuable aspect of these workshops is its interactiveness. The Sue Adler Team aims to provide the most applicable, relevant, and current data for the audience. They foster this goal by tailoring each Home Selling Workshop to fit the needs and scope of the local community. Thus, they offer several locations that target specific communities to better serve you and provide the most comprehensive, personalized, and pertinent information available.

So What, When, & Where?

Up Next:

Monday, January 29th at 7pm New Providence & Berkeley Heights on at the New Providence Memorial Library

Coming this February:

Tuesday,February 13th at 7pm Chatham, Madison, & Florham Park at the Chatham Library in the Woman’s Club Room

Thursday, February 22nd at 7pm Summit Public Library

On the docket in March:

Saturday, March 9th at 10am SOMA at the Millburn Public Library in the Auditorium

Tuesday, March 19th Parisippany, Troy Hills, & Morristown at the Parisppany Public Library

Westfield: Details to come

And April:

Monday, April 1st at 7pm Livingston Public Library


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