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Call out to all consumers – yes, you! Video alone or with transcription?

by: Sue Adler
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video or textI’ve got a question for all of the consumers out there, which I guess is everyone.  Being that  is the age of  video, if you see a blog post that has a transcription of what is in the video along with the embedded video, which medium do you go for? And to take this question a step further, if there was only a short description of the video would you click on the video?

My feeling is that many people check these things at work and they can’t play video there ( you bad people – get back to work!)   So if the text is there, you’ll read the transcription. Am I right? NPR does this. If  I like what I see, I’ll go back and listen to the video later.

I’d love to know your habits so I know how to proceed with my new website.  We’re only a few weeks away so I can’t wait to introduce you to it. Thanks for your help!

Sue Adler

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