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Ceremony of Remembrance, September 11, Livingston, NJ

by: Sue Adler
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When:Tuesday, September 11 at 7:00 pm

9-11 Living Memorial Garden
The Oval, Memorial Park


The history of Livingston dates back to 1699, when the Newark settlers appeared in the area. Throughout the 1800s, the city’s main industry was farming. After the 1920s, the population grew fast because of the appearance of automobiles. Today, Livingston is a vivid town, filled with beautiful places, interesting people and catchy events. On September 11 residents and locals alike, are invited to the Ceremony of Remembrance, which will be hold at the Living Memorial Garden.

It is one of the most important celebrations that takes place in the city every year since the 9/11, and it has developed into being a real tradition. The event is supposed to help the people remember one of the most shocking and mortifying moment in the American history, the attacks on the 11th of September 2001. The ceremony is all about reminding following generations about the tragedy and thus keeping alive the memory of all those who died.

Among those remembered are Jeffrey Brian Gardner, Joseph P. McDonald, Luke a. Dudek, Kenneth Albert Zelman, and many others, who had been unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. In addition, since the event has such a great importance for residents of New Jersey, as well as for all the Americans, it will get help from the Township of Livingston. It will begin in the evening, at 7 p.m. and it will be located at the Memorial Garden, in the Oval Memorial Park. Also, an honor flag will open the event and the National Anthem will be sung the entire time.

Once more, the mayor of Livingston will speak publicly about the importance of the event, how essential it is to keep the memory of the victims alive, and acknowledge the essentiality of the facts that affected an entire nation. He will also remind them that each side of the octagonal garden is dedicated to a certain Livingston resident who died in the attack, while the eight side is for those who managed to survive and share their experience.

The ceremony will be held regardless of the weather, and all those who understand the importance of the event are invited to attend. It is a way to show that you care and that you haven’t forgot such a significant day in the American history.

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