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Check off Your Bucket List Virtually

by: Sue Adler
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Now that we have some extra time to embrace our inner passions, lets try something new. Check off your bucket list by watching elephants, lions and tigers (oh my!) or taking a space excursion. Turn the news off and be transported to the magnificent Japanese Cherry Blossom Gardens, sunny Northern California wine vineyards or one of the spectacular Wonders of the World.

Check these out…

1). Take a beautiful stroll through the Japanese Cherry Blossom Gardens where cherry blossom first originated!

2). Visit NASA research centers around the world and explore a 360 degree tour of the space ships, galaxies black holes, constellations and much more.

3). Hop on a caravan and spend the day with elephants, lions, leopards and many more in the remotest of Africa’s locations. (African Safari)

4). Get your virtual passport ready and travel to Machu Pichu,  the Vatican, the Louvre, the Great Wall of China  or the Taj Mahal

5). It feels like Friday every day so why not enjoy a different Wine Tasting every day in beautiful Sonoma Vineyards. And take a tour while you sip.

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