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Happy May Day!

by: Sue Adler
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May Day Celebrations may be a thing of the past in most communities across America, but that doesn’t mean we can’t rekindle one of the sweetest traditions from days gone by and share it with our friends and neighbors.

Along with the more familiar “dancing around the maypole,” May Day was also a time to leave a May Basket on the doorknob of your neighbor. The May Basket was often a cone-shaped paper container filled with sunny, vibrant spring flowers, candy and other small tokens and playfully left anonymously at the door of a neighbor, or by a potential suitor. The giver of the basket would carefully place the gift, knock on the door, and run off so as to not be seen by the recipient – a charming, innocent way of sharing a little piece of spring with your neighbors!

One of the best things about living in our Mid Town Direct communities are the amazing neighborhoods found in each and every one of our towns. From welcome committees to block parties to trick-or-treating, and even to impromptu gatherings on the biggest porch on the block on a warm summer evening, our neighborhoods have so much to offer beyond the things that draw us to them initially, such as close proximity to NYC or great dining and shopping experiences. They really are places where neighbors help neighbors, life-long friendships are started, and celebrations are shared up and down the block. So why not start a new tradition (or in the case, bring back an old one) and place a little paper cone of flowers on the doorknob of your neighbors today, wishing them a “Happy May Day.”

If you are interested in moving to one of our friendly, welcoming towns, give the Sue Adler Team a call at 973.936.9129. We believe that a moving is about more than buying a home, it’s about being part of a community, and we are committed to finding the perfect home and the perfect neighborhood for you!

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