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History of Legos on Display at Morristown Library until Nov 11

by: Sue Adler
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LEGO have long been popular and it is still is up until today. And Chad Leinaweaver’s fandom has made him a bit more creative than others. But who exactly is this man? Well, he is none other than the Assistant Director of the Morris Township Library. He enjoyed collecting LEGOs as a child. The staff of the library decided that they need to make the library prettier for all the visitors. So, Leinaweaver never had second thoughts to put a display of his LEGO collection. This collection is indeed a must see sight, especially for those who are fond of the said toy.

The collection is often referred to as “The Cult of LEGO”. Although this was just a mere children’s toy, with an ounce of creativity and passion, the multi-colored blocks are surely a good idea for an exhibit. In fact, it is a great idea since people seldom see something like this on display. It is cute and totally exciting at the same time, to see your favorite toy as a child on display at a public location. Many people can relate to Leinaweaver’s love for LEGOs.

The collection of LEGOs or such exhibit is given the name, “Brick by Brick: Over 60 Years of LEGO Innovation and Inspiration”, will be displayed at the F.M. Kirby Exhibition Gallery, located at the second floor of Morris Township library. The display will start on September 15 to November 11. Surely, a lot of people will come to see and enjoy the display of these LEGOs.

Just like what has been mentioned earlier, there will be a whole “cult” of people who are willing to take a peek at the LEGOs and they themselves collect LEGOs too. This LEGO collection craze is quite similar to the previous generation’s fondness to model trains and the like.

According to Leinaweaver, the owner of the collection, LEGO actually began making wooden “brick” toys in 1932 at Denmark. The toy company quietly celebrated its 80th Anniversary in August. This makes the whole exhibit more meaning and topical. To see such passion as what Leinaweaver shows has indeed touched the hearts of many. Everyone has a collection, and getting a collection up on display is somewhat a dream come true.

Since 1932, LEGO has become one of the world’s most famous toy manufacturer, and this is not only applicable to America alone, but as well as to the rest of the world. LEGO did not only produce the children’s favorite brick toys, they are also known for their video games, books, and even some theme parks built California, Europe, Florida, as well as Malaysia.

LEGO is one of the toys that can indeed foster the imagination of children. This is where the little architects and engineers first got their inspiration in building things. Many have built LEGO replicas of famous buildings in the world and huge LEGO towns. And one of which can be seen up on the exhibit at Morris Township Library. The display will also include modern sets borrowed, such as the Star Wars, Harry Potter and more.

Here are the details for the said exhibit:

  • What: “Brick by Brick: Over 60 Years of LEGO Innovation and Inspiration”, a LEGO collection exhibit
  • Where: Morris Township library
  • When: September 15 to November 11, 2012
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