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I’m Looking To Create The Best Community Facebook Page Ever and I Need Your Help!!

by: Sue Adler
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SituationThe Sue Adler Team wants to design a really fun and welcoming Facebook community page showcasing all the Midtown Direct towns.

Solution:  Reaching out to my treasured friends and clients inviting you to share photos and inspiring community endeavors that represent your neighborhood activities, block parties, newcomer’s events, community festivals and holiday gatherings to be the focus of my new community page on Facebook.  Something as simple as your favorite pilates class, the best neighborhood bakery or the grand opening of an eatery or boutique.  I would love to hear about any news that would make a new Midtown Direct community homeowner feel welcomed and informed about the neighborhood or attract a prospective buyer to one of our amazing towns.  Or perhaps your very own neighbor shares a common interest, but wasn’t aware it was being offered so close to home.  My community page can serve as a platform highlighting everything our neighborhoods have to offer; and the list is unending — we have so much to be proud of — why not shout it far and wide.

My business is built around our communities and the people who give so much to ensure it’s a thriving, culturally rich and safe place for all who live there.  It’s the amazing, inspiring and intelligent people I meet every day and their daily experiences and joys that make my business successful.  I want to build a community page that reflects our residents — the heart and soul of our towns.

So, I’m calling on you to please send me pictures and community news or neighborhood highlights to [email protected] about what makes your heart sing and puts a smile on your face each and every day because of the fantastic place we call our home.  A great cup of coffee brewed in your town village, a 5-star dining experience or an early morning yoga class after you drop the kids off at school — we all share the same community – why not invite others to be a part of it.

Thank you for sharing your lives and these simple pleasures with me.


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