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International Human Rights Day Summit in Westfield on Dec. 10

by: Sue Adler Team
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International Human Rights Day

Sponsored by Roosevelt Intermediate School Girls Learn International, and featuring Keynote Speaker Suraya Sadeed, author and founder of “Help the Afghan Children,” the International Human Rights Day Summit will include inspirational speakers, poetry, music and presentations from the Roosevelt Intermediate School & Westfield High School Chapters of Girls Learn International.

About Suraya Sadeed: When the Afghan communists took power in 1977, two years before the Soviet invasion, Suraya Sadeed – daughter of the governor of Kabul – was in Beirut with her husband. Fearful of “pogroms” at home, they emigrated to the U.S. Her husband’s sudden death in 1993 plunged her into depression and self-doubt – until she happened to see a CNN clip about the horrors of civil-war torn Kabul and felt compelled to act. Thus began an epic and escalating series of interventions: blankets, secret schools and clinics for girls and women, earthquake relief, you name it. Her work culminated in founding the not-for-profit charity, Help the Afghan Children (HTAC). In the days of Taliban rule, she established 17 secret schools for 425 girls and today HTAC supports schools in selected regions of Afghanistan that enroll up to 20,000 students per year.

Girls Learn International (GLI) educates and energizes U.S. students in the global movement for girls’ access to education. GLI pairs Chapters in U.S. middle schools and high schools with Partner Schools in countries where girls still lag behind boys in access to education and where girls are far less likely than boys to stay in school past the primary grades. The GLI Program supports the empowerment of U.S. students as they discover that through their own creative initiatives, dedication, and passionate leadership, they can create real solutions that address the obstacles facing girls and women here and around the world. Student-to-student, and student-to-parent, GLI is building a movement of informed advocates for universal girls’ education and a new generation of leaders and activists for social change. GLI was founded in July 2003 by Lisa Alter and her two teenage daughters, Arielle and Jordana. Their goal was to create an organization founded on the principles that humanitarianism has no minimum age requirement, and that global youth, in particular girls, have a crucial role to play in leading the movement to affect change for girls and women all over the world. 

Girls Learn International started in Westfield, NJ and is now a not-for-profit with 129 chapters partnered with 47 partner schools in 12 countries around the world. Our GLI students of Westfield know first-hand the value of an education and are helping girls in Afghanistan and other developing nations realize their dreams come true. GLI is building a movement of informed advocates for universal girls’ education and a new generation of leaders and activists for social change.

Support our mission and our partner schools by joining us for this inspirational evening of speakers, poetry, music, and presentations by students from the Roosevelt Intermediate School Chapter of Girls Learn International and Westfield High School. Learn about our partner schools in Afghanistan, our passion, and our work.

International Human Rights Day Summit: Human Rights Begin with an Education.  December 10th, 7:30-9:00 p.m. at the Roosevelt Intermediate School Auditorium, 301 Clark St Westfield.

For book signing that evening, Forbidden Lessons is available in hardcover for $24.99. Order from The Town Book Store in Westfield by 11/26 for a 20% discount. Phone: 908-233-3535.




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