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Jazzberries Center for Music & Art in Maplewood

by: Sue Adler
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The choices for children’s activities sometimes seems endless.  But one sure winner is The Jazzberries Center for Music and Art located at 1677 Springfield Avenue in Maplewood. There’s a retail shop, birthday parties, drop-in play and drop-in art, however, the most popular programs by far are the Kindermusik classes. They are organized for children and babies under 8 years. Through their developmentally based music programs, children can grow, thrive and learn through the magic of music. The classes are excellent for developing various skills including musical, cognitive, language, physical, emotional and social.

The Kindermusik classes are organized every semester and include a couple of At Home Materials — an activity journal or book, an age appropriate instrument and a CD. Learning activities won’t be organized only in the classroom, but also at home and here’s where parents play an important role. At home, the children will use the materials to listen to music, do creative and unique activities and read helping prepare them for success in life and school. The staff at the Maplewood Jazzberries Center for Music and Art believes that the best educators in the world are the parents. Through Kindermusik, the parents will be integrated in every step of their children’s learning process.

Kindermusik classes have been organized for more than 9 years in various locations. Since 2008, all the classes are held in Maplewood at the Jazzberries Center for Music and Art, a studio started by Susan Leone, a Kindermusik Educator and the director of the center. The studio is fun, inviting, warm and continuously evolving.

Kindermusik and the Jazzberries Center for Music and Art is in fact a friendly community of educators and families who are committed to developing their children’s skills through music. The philosophy of Kindermusik is based on fundamental beliefs and rigorous research that clinically demonstrates that every child is musical and that music nurtures a child’s physical, cognitive, language, social and emotional development. Moreover, the environment offered by the Jazzberries Center for Music and Art is child-centered and is developmentally appropriate for every kid. The educators at the studio are not interested in the music making and the performance, but in the learning process, combining fun and sharing a joy of music.

Check it out for yourself — they even have summer programs — the whole family will love it.

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