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Nixle System Benefits Summit NJ Residents

by: Sue Adler
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Summit  has recently implemented an emergency notification system to keep New Jersey residents in the know during community crisis events. In an effort to keep Summit homeowners safe, the Summit Police Department has developed a free Community Notification Service called Nixle to improve communication with people who live in Summit and surrounding NJ Midtown Direct train line towns.

The value of this free service is amazing when you consider the turmoil that can be caused by not having information you need during a community crisis. If you live in Summit, becoming a user is not automatic. You must subscribe to the system, however it is a quick, efficient, and secure way to get Summit-specific information and does not take more than a couple of minutes to register. Text messages and e-mail alerts are sent to subscribers in the event of an emergency to help Summit home owners better prepare.

Notifications may be used in situations of personal safety, such as the search for a lost child or a natural disaster, but they can also be issues relating to a traffic emergency or power outage, allowing subscribers to better reroute their transportation.  To sign up as a resident of Summit or a nearby town, please click here. Register your email address and cell phone to begin receiving alerts via email and text.

If you have questions about using Nixle, please contact Lt. Robert Weck at 908-522-3603.

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