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Rate Update From Cathy Haddad and Atlantic Home Loans

by: Sue Adler
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We just received this note from Cathy Haddad, a mortgage broker with Atlantic Home Loans.

The 10-year bond dropped below 2% this week as a result of poor economic data from
Europe, China and the US. Additionally, and almost hard to believe, the world financial
markets are rattled by the potential economic implications of a spreading Ebola virus.
Crazy that Ebola is actually affecting bond and mortgage rates! Let me share with you
the way I see it: While the economic data clearly doesn’t present a rosy picture, most
of that economic risk (and downward interest rate pressure) is now built into bond and
mortgage rates. This means that we are unlikely to see rates drop further in the near
term based purely on economic data.


What’s my message? Take advantage of recently released economic data and ‘‘the
world is ending” hysteria and lock in your mortgage rate now. While rates have been
low for quite some time, this recent cratering of mortgage rates is providing you with
what may be one last opportunity to refinance your mortgage. My message is the same
to those looking to buy a home: find a home and lock in what may be the lowest rates
you’ll ever see. NOW is the time 🙂
Cathy Haddad
Sales Manager & Home Mortgage Consultant
848.203.2272 – Cell
[email protected]

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