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The Sue Adler Team Blog and Building Hope Challenge To Help NJ Hurricane Sandy Victims

by: Sue Adler
share: Facebook Twitter Google Plus Email is doing what they can to assist in re-building New Jersey’s hard hit areas.  I am touched by the focus on our state and commend them on their efforts to help restore our communities.  Here is an email I recieved from Audie  Chamberlain of

“Since I started at, I’ve wanted to work with Habitat for Humanity. I was happy when we made the commitment to support them this holiday season. My company as a whole was saddened and personally affected by the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. The real estate community is using the Building Hope Challenge on our site to rally around New Jersey, moving it to the top position to receive our $50,000 donation. Our CEO, a native Long Islander decided to mobilize our company to do more. We announced internally today that we’re doubling employee donations to Habitat’s Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund. I am asking you to share the Building Hope Challenge link with everyone you know!”


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