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by: Sue Adler
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There’s no doubt that technology has significantly improved our lives. Productivity, connectivity, health, entertainment – the list of how technology has positively impacted mankind is a long one. But while technology has simplified life for most, for some it’s a real game changer. For example, take the visually impaired. Technology exists today that allow persons who are visually impaired to “see” (I’ll explain shortly). However, at a cost of $3,000-$4,000, the artificial vision device that enables this to occur is not affordable when considering that most of the 10 million people living with vision loss in the United States earn less than $40,000 per year.

Share the Vision, located in Livingston, aims to empower visually impaired persons and improve the quality of their lives by providing them with the MyEye device that enables them to “see”. Created in 2015 by Israeli-based OrCam, MyEye is a wearable vision device consisting of a tiny camera and microphone that attaches to a pair of glasses. While not truly enabling the wearer to see, MyEye performs such functions as reading text, recognizing faces, identifying retail products and money notes and detecting colors.  As an example of how it functions, to read text or identify a retail product, you would make a hand gesture and a computerized voice reads the text or identifies the product aloud.

Share the Vision believes that economics should not be a barrier to helping a visually impaired person attain such a life changing device. The charity’s program works through collaborative fundraising, where donors are matched with a vision impaired buddy. Both donor(s) and recipient participate in and contribute to the purchase of a MyEye. If it is geographically feasible, participants meet their buddy, get acquainted and see the results of their gift.  Otherwise, “meeting” each other can be done online.

Share the Vision is one of the finalist in the Sue Adler Team’s 100th Home Sale Program. To place you vote click here.

To learn more about Share the Vision and OrCam, visit their website at

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