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Mortgage Relief for Victims of Hurricane Sandy Coming

Hurricane Sandy had a devastating effect on many families on the East Coast but some relief is on the way.  Our midtown direct and local communities were amongst those hit very hard during the storm and the impact was felt by many of my friends and clients. Major lenders and government organizations recognize the hardships […]

Read more and Building Hope Challenge To Help NJ Hurricane Sandy Victims is doing what they can to assist in re-building New Jersey’s hard hit areas.  I am touched by the focus on our state and commend them on their efforts to help restore our communities.  Here is an email I recieved from Audie  Chamberlain of “Since I started at, I’ve wanted to work with […]

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Gas Rationing starts at Noon Today, Nov. 3rd 2012

GAS RATIONING STARTS AT NOON ON SATURDAY:   To help ease fuel shortages and extended lines for gasoline that have occurred since hurricane Sandy hit NJ the governor has instituted gas rations. Gas will be rationed based on residents license plate numbers. The last digit of your plate is what counts. Vanity plates (or all letters) are […]

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