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The Preschool Dilemma

by: Sue Adler
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One day you’re sitting in your office, high atop Manhattan, deciding what bar in SOHO you’re going to meet friends at for happy hour that evening and checking the Hampton Chutney schedule for the upcoming weekend.  The next, you’re drinking Chardonnay with seven other over-tired mothers discussing the best way to get the smell of formula and vomit out of cashmere. By the way, it’s only 10am. Parenting is exhausting, for both mothers and fathers, especially during the early years. But just as you’re down to your final thread of sanity, there is something that gives you hope that one day you may have a morning or afternoon all to yourself – preschool.

Before you start worrying about finding the right school for your little one, you should know that the Midtown Direct towns offer a wide variety of preschools to choose from. However, there is some serious thinking required and in order to narrow the choices, there are many questions that you will need to ask yourself. Should the school be play-based or academic-focused? Montessori, full-time, part-time, cooperative, parochial or secular? Should your toddler learn to speak a second language or forgo their midday nap? If it sounds exhausting, it is!  Googling preschools on the internet is daunting. The array of options that must be sorted through and analyzed is overwhelming. But don’t worry. To help make the process a little easier for you, here’s a list of preschools options in our area:

Millburn.Short Hills

Farbrook SchoolFull Day/Enrichment Classes/Kindergarten

Congregation B’nai Israel AM/ Enrichment and Afterschool Activities

Millburn Cooperative Nursery School AM or PM

Christ Church Nursery School AM/Extended Day/5’s plus program

St. Stephans Nursery School Full Day/Kindergarten/Extended Day option

Open Door Nursery School AM/Lunch Option/Enrichment Classes

Montessori Children’s Academy  Full Day/Enrichment/Kindergarten

The Goddard School Full Day/Day Care Option

Neighborhood House AM or PM/Full Day

St. Rose Nursery School AM/Extended Day Enrichment/Lunch Option/Kindergarten

B’nai Jeshrun Nursery School AM/Full Day Option/Lunch Option/Kindergarten

Alpine Montessori AM/Full Day


St. Theresa’s Nursery School AM/Full Day Kindergarten/Day Care Option

Kent Place Full Day/Kindergarten

Oak Knoll Nursery School AM/Full Day Kindergarten/Extended Day Option

Jewish Community Center AM/Full Day/Day Care Option/Kindergarten

The Connection AM/Extended Day Option

Cornerstone School AM/Extended Day/Full Day/ Kindergarten

Central Presbyterian Church Nursery School  AM/Enrichment Classes/Kindergarten Full Day

Zadies Nurturing Den AM/Enrichment Classes/Kindergarten Option

Summit YMCA AM/Extended Day/Day Care/Kindergarten Wrap Program


Little Friends of Chatham Full Day/Day Care Option

Stanley Preschool AM/Lunch Option/Extended Option

Chatham School House Full Day/Enrichment Option/Kindergarten

The Sprout House AM/Extended Day/Kindergarten

Gingham Giraffe Preschool AM/Kindergarten Enrichment

Ogden Junior Preschool  AM/2 year only program

Chatham Kindercare  Full Day/Day Care Option/Kindergarten

Montessori Children’s Academy Full Day/Enrichment/Kindergarten

Chatham Day Schoo
l AM/Full Day/Kindergarten
The Learning Path Nursery School AM/Day Care Option/Enrichment Options

Maplewood. South Orange

South Orange Country Day School  AM/Full Day Option – Kindergarten Option

The Baird Preschool AM or PM – Extended Day Option

Temple Sharey Tefilo – Israel  AM/Extended Day Option

Kinder Gan School – Maplewood Jewish Center  Full Day

Le Parc Place AM/ Day Care Option

Oheb Shalom Nursery School  AM/Extended Day

Montrose Early Learning Center  AM or PM

Morrow Memorial Preschool AM or PM

Prospective Cooperative Nursery School  AM or PM

Beth El Nursery School AM/Full Day/Day Care/Kindergarten Option

Weekday Cooperative Preschool AM


Iris Berman Nursery School AM

Jump Immersion School Mandarin and Spanish Immersion Program

Monmouth Court Preschool Full Day/Kindergarten/Day Care Option

Aquinas Academy Full Day/Enrichment Options/Kindergarten

Little Explorers Learning Academy Full Day/Enrichment/Day Care Option

Little Angel Christian Montessori  AM/Full Day/Enrichment

Livingston Little Learner Full Day

YMCA Peanut Shell Preschool Full Day/Day Care Option

Berkley Heights

Union Village Nursery School AM or PM

Primrose of Berkley Heights Full Day/Day Care Option/Kindergarten Option

Westminster Nursery School AM/Extended Day/Enrichment Classes

Diamond Hill Montessori Nursery School AM/Full Day/Extended Day/Kindergarten Option

Berkley Heights YMCA AM/Extended Day/Day Care Option/Kindergarten Wrap Option


Hilltop Christian Nursery School AM/Enrichment Classes

Mendham Cooperative Nursery School AM/Enrichment Classes

Westmont Montessori School Full Day/Extended Day/Enrichment Classes/Kindergarten Option


Madison Cooperative Nursery School AM/Enrichment Classes

Rainbow Montessori Half Day/Kindergarten Option

Bright Horizons at Giralda Farms Full Day/Extended Day/Enrichment Classes/Kindergarten

The Acorn Academy  Full Day

New Providence

St. Andrew’s Preschool AM or PM/Full Day Kindergarten

Lady of Peace Preschool AM/Full Day/ Kindergarten

Sproutlings Child Care Center AM/Full Day/Extended Care/Kindergarten Wrap Option


Westfield Cooperative Nursery School AM or PM

Christopher Academy AM/Full Day/Lunch Program/Montessori Based

Precious People Preschool AM/Extended Day/Kindergarten Option

Bamboo Shoots Immersion School Full Day Mandarin- English/Kindergarten

Wesley Hall School for Early Childhood AM/Enrichment Classes/Full/Half Day Kindergarten

Presbyterian Nursery School AM/Enrichment Classes/Lunch Options/Kindergarten

KinderPrep of Westfield Full Day/Kindergarten

Westfield YMCA AM/Extended Care/Full Day Kindergarten/Enrichment Classes

Temple Emanu-El AM/Full Day/Kindergarten Option

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