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The Summit Diner – A Landmark with a Hollywood Connection

by: Sue Adler
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Ever since 1929, the Summit Diner has been serving good meals to people. In fact, the diner has already been considered as a town landmark, and it is still under the same owner. Take a seat at one of their classic red leather booths, or perhaps grab one of those counter stools and order a Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese.

Diner Details

  • Hours of Operation: Monday to Saturday from 5:30 am to 8:30 pm; Sunday from 6:30 am to 1:00 pm
  • Only accepts cash payment
  • Free parking, but with metered parking on the streets
  • Signature Dish:Taylor Ham, Egg and Cheese
  • No. of tables: 6
  • Location: 1 Union Place, Summit NJ
  • Contact No.: 908-277-3256

People can find the legendary Summit Diner right across the street from the train station in Summit. The town is actually home to New Jersey’s wealthy and powerful people, and most of these people are familiar with the said diner. The said place already has regular customers like Jim Cramer, a stock market expert, Jon Corazine, former governor, and many others.

The Notable Features of the Diner

If you try to look at the building itself, you will see that there are shining art deco chrome on the outside, while on the inside, you will find red leatherette and mosaic. The lighting is quite comfortable, equipped with cheerful staff, and the customers just love the food here, especially the breakfast meals.

Sit at one of the black and white marble counter and on the stools. Like other landmarks in Summit, the diner is definitely well-preserved.

Without a doubt, the Summit Diner comes with an appeal of what diners used to be, before most of the diners across the globe got succumbed with repetitive modern designs and styles. Of course, the main feature in every diner is warm food right off the grill. That’s the whole point of eating at a diner, enjoying the warmth on every bite. Whoever said “small is beautiful” must have laid eyes on this diner. Indeed, a diner doesn’t have to be huge to be called beautiful.

How about the Food?

For an amount of just about $6, you can enjoy their signature dish called Taylor Ham and Eggs, perhaps add some cheese for more delight. This is actually the official name of New Jersey state historical breakfast. Isn’t that amusing? The Summit Diner breakfast meals somehow give a nostalgic experience to customers to those days where people from all walks of life had time to cook and eat breakfast.

Summit Diner is not all about the classic feel, or being a landmark in the area, nor being the oldest diner around. Sometimes, it’s all about sharing food with your friends at your favorite diner. In fact, the diner is considered as a symbol of friendship, camaraderie, love, and more. People come here to experience great food, seek companionship, and the like.


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