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Top Tips for Managing Fall Leaves

by: Sue Adler
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As the vibrant colors of summer foliage begin to fade, maintaining a beautiful yard during the fall season can present unique challenges and opportunities. While Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year, it can also bring some challenges managing your yard and outdoor space. However, with the right care and attention, your yard can remain inviting and picturesque even as the leaves fall. In this blog post, we’ll explore ten essential tips and recommended products to help you keep your yard looking its best during the autumn months.

?Leaves, Leaves, Leaves!

With the beautiful fall foliage comes the not-so-beautiful leaf debris. It can become a daunting and frustrating process to try and keep your yard clean, but there are helpful tools to make this task more effective, time-efficient, and productive!

?DIY Necessities

  1. Best Rake: if you’re looking for a great option for managing your leaves, this rake gathers more debris than the standard, saving you time and energy!
    Managing Leaves: Don’t clutter your front yard with piles of leaves, check out these leaf bags to help contain and dispose of the piles!
  2. Composting: Create a compost pile specifically for leaves. Shredded leaves make an excellent “brown” component in your compost, balancing the carbon-nitrogen ratio. Over time, this will produce nutrient-rich compost for your garden.
  3. Try Using a Leaf Blower: Leaf blowers are a time-saving alternative to traditional raking. They help you quickly gather leaves into piles for easier disposal. Check out this affordable and effective option here!
  4. Leaf Tarp: Lay a large tarp on your lawn and rake leaves onto it. This method makes it easier to transport leaves to your compost pile, yard waste bags, or other disposal methods. You can find these here or find them at your local Home Depot, Lowes, or nursery.

?Leave it to the Professionals

  • Make the process seamless and easy! Hire a local leaf maintenance company. Some useful resources can be found by joining your community forum on Facebook, or talking to your neighbors.
  • Just re-seeded? Looking to prevent lawn disease from a harsh winter season? Check-out the list of experts below and pick from their selection of highly rated lawn protection, and ask their expert staff for helpful tips in keeping your lawn looking fresh.
  • Don’t forget about your gutters! All those leaves can clog gutters and downspouts, leading to water damage to your home. To avoid any unwanted mishaps make sure to have your gutters cleaned by a professional, and consider investing in gutter guards.

?Experts Near You

  • Great Swamp Greenhouses | 553 New Vernon Road, Gillette
  • Country Mile Gardens | 1108 Mt Kemble Avenue, Morristown
  • Orange Garden | 360 Alden Street, Orange
  • Halls Garden Center | 700 Springfield Avenue, Berkeley Heights
  • Back to Nature | 3055 Valley Road, Basking Ridge
  • DeVINE Plantery | 28 South Fullerton Avenue, Montclair
  • Caldwell Nursery | 246 Passaic Avenue, West Caldwell
  • The Farm at Green Village | 403 Green Village Road, Green Village
  • J&M Home and Garden | 201 Main Street, Madison


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