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Let Us Help You Build Your Pipeline

by: Sue Adler
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Do you know what your business pipeline looks like? Last month was our most successful month of 2019. We helped over 30 families buy, sell, invest, or rent local real estate. We’ve met with a lot of agents lately who aren’t having the same success. They keep saying that their pipeline has dried up and clients aren’t buying or selling homes anymore. For our team, the opposite is the case. The MLS is down somewhere between 15% and 20% year over year, but our business is up, and we attribute this to the systems, models, and technologies we use that give our agents the edge.

If you’d like to learn how our systems, models, and technologies can help you grow your business and help more families, reach out to us and we’d love to talk to you more about it.

Join us for our next Home Selling Workshop at the Summit Library on Thursday, July 25th – 7 PM.  Register Here!

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