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Short Hills Halloween House is Ready to Spook the Glenwood Trick or Treaters!

by: Sue Adler
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Every year in our NJ Midtown Direct Town neighborhoodswe can count on certain houses  getting decked out for Halloween. I live in the Glenwood Section of Short Hills and our neighborhood refer to the house in the video as “The Halloween House”. That home is for sale now and when I went on the listing appointment, we even said, ” Oh, it’s the Halloween house!”.  Now The Glenwood Section, much like the South Mountain Section, is a haven for trick or treaters because you can cover alot of houses in a short period of time. The kids quickly figure that out.  When the weather is nice, we go through as many as 12 bags of candy! But the parents are all outside drinking wine, so no one’s really counting.

One year, the day AFTER Halloween, my daughter and her friend decided to visit every house in Glenwood with their emptied pillowcases, telling the unsuspecting homeowners, ” We were sick on Halloween and couldn’t go out. Do you have any extra candy?”…. and of course – this is the day after Halloween when homeowners were anxious to get rid of their excess candy,  people emptied entire bags of candy into their pillowcases.  Pretty smart 4th graders, eh?

So witch Halloween stories come to mind for you?

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