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Concerned About Your Reassessment? We’re Here To Help!

Millburn and Short Hills residents began receiving their tax reassessment letters this week. It has been 10 years since the last reassessment, and it can be confusing and stressful for homeowners concerned about what the reassessment means for them personally, especially for those who are considering listing their homes for sale. Will a higher assessment […]

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Historic Chatham Promises Many Lifestyle Options

Historic Facts About Chatham When the great Wisconsin Glacier backed away 20,000 years ago, the amazing Watchung Mountains and Lake Passaic were left behind. The lovely town of Chatham was developed in the place of the ancient lake, at approximately 160 ft below the surface. Chatham developed slowly and during the 20th century, real estate developers […]

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The Summit Historical Society

In 1929, The Summit Historical Society was formed, however, it was not active until the early 1960’s. By the year 1962, the Summit Herald noted that there was no historical society in Summit, only to find out that one already existed. Motivated by the renewed interest in the history of the town, The Summit Historical […]

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Buying Your Midtown Direct Home and BackUp Offers

As a potential home buyer, you may have started to wonder how and when you are going to find your Midtown Direct home… your perfect home. The Midtown Direct home that calls your name and makes you feel like you could never leave. The home that you see in your dreams. Or perhaps you’ve adjusted […]

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New Restaurant and Bar at Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn

There is constantly new and exiting trendy spots opening up in Millburn.  If you’re in the mood for dinner and a show, you can now satisfy both cravings at the Paper Mill Playhouse. The theater has just unveiled a brand new bistro and bar called the Carriage House, open Wednesdays through Sundays. About the Carriage […]

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Feltville Historic District in Watchung Reservation

There are many hidden places of interest in and around our Midtown Direct and surrounding communities.  It’s fun to visit them and ponder what the people of that time actually did when they walked in these very same paths. The Feltville Historic District located in the Watchung Reservation in Union County, New Jersey is one […]

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Mortgage Relief for Victims of Hurricane Sandy Coming

Hurricane Sandy had a devastating effect on many families on the East Coast but some relief is on the way.  Our midtown direct and local communities were amongst those hit very hard during the storm and the impact was felt by many of my friends and clients. Major lenders and government organizations recognize the hardships […]

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Tips on Selling Your Home Over the Holidays

The holiday season is a time of peace and joy, however for home sellers it can be a rather stressful period trying to balance open houses and showings with family time and holiday traditions. Therefore if you plan to relocate during this time of year,  I offer friends and clients in my neighboring communities — […]

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COST vs. PRICE, what exactly is the difference?

KCM (Keeping Current Matters) is a great source for timely real estate information that helps prepare agents to assist and guide buyers and sellers.  This week they posted a blog that I felt really hit the nail on the head and I wanted to share it with my friends and clients in our Midtown Direct […]

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