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Meet Sue Adler

Sue Adler has been the #1 Keller Williams agent in NJ for the past nine years, and leads one of the top Keller Williams teams worldwide, with annual production that topped $120 million in 2014.

As an "Outlier" who grew up in the Real Estate business, Sue has proven that it's possible to start over in any market and succeed. She was formerly the...Read More »

Sue Adler Team Featured in Outfront Magazine!




This month, the Sue Adler Team was featured in Keller Williams International’s Out Front Magazine on a topic that is near and dear to all of us –  “Humanizing the deal… How the Sue Adler Team is focused on providing a competent, caring client experience worthy of repeat business.”

An excerpt:  “Sue Adler’s team’s closed volume in 2014 was $120 million, and her team is on track to close that same amount by the end of August 2015, making them the No. 1 Keller Williams team in the Garden STate for 11 consecutive years.

“‘It’s all about putting your consumer hat on,” Adler says. “If you pay attention to what attracts you as a consumer, what annoys you and what is invisible to you, it changes your perspective and gives you the insight that you need to stop ‘being an agent’ and simply be a human being, work from your heart and build trust.'”

The article particularly highlights Adler’s strategies for humanizing the consumer.  She calls her listing presentations “consultations,” to emphasize the importance of the client’s participation in the process, as well as the significance of strategizing to get the best prices and build trust with the client.  What also contributes to this sense of trust is the team of specialists she works with to ensure every client receives the best deals and service.

Check out the rest of the article here!


Wondering Who the #1 Agent in the GSMLS was for 2014?……


For the second year in a row, The Sue Adler Team takes top billing on the Garden State Multiple Listing Service’s (GSMLS) newly released year-end 2014 statistics. Out of the 16,873 GMSLS agents, Sue leads the charge as #1 in production with her numbers clearly exceeding even her top competitors. At $113 million in volume — they were approximately $10,000,000 higher than their next competitor and over $30,000,000 above #3 on the list.

Sue’s team successfully helped 117 clients to buy or sell in the NJ Midtown Direct market and its surrounding communities such as Millburn, Short Hills, Summit, Chatham, Madison, Maplewood, South Orange, New Providence, Berkeley Heights, Westfield and Livingston.

“Making the top spot is no easy feat,” according to Howard Bunn, Sue’s broker at Keller Williams, “but successfully attaining the #1 spot for the second year in a row proves that Sue’s team holds the right ingredients for success. Of all your 49 listing sales in 2014, you averaged 99.3% sale to original list price ratio. Sue’s team knows the market and the art of pricing your property.”

Sue’s methodology is foolproof. She knows that every home is distinctive and has its own unique target. Through her incredible marketing intuition and savvy business acumen, Sue has built strong buyer networks locally, nationally, and internationally.  Her personalized marketing, pricing and timing strategy creates such interest that her listings sell on average 29 days on the market, and for top dollar.

Sue’s team is dynamic and cohesive with a wealth of real estate knowledge. From the team’s transaction manager who successfully negotiated each inspection to her client care professionals who personally connect the right buyers to sellers, this team has their pulse on the market and the numbers prove it.

And who says it better than our clients….

When Sue Adler says that hers is a “team” effort, that’s the real truth

When Sue Adler says that hers is a “team” effort, that’s the real truth, and one of the major strengths of selecting her as your agent. Her husband, Peter Jacoby, took what are by far the best photographs of our former home, a rather unique Mid-Century Modern ranch in Mendham, NJ. It’s an unusual 10,000+ square foot space, and Peter captured the expansive Great Room and its architectural details, the oversize Master Bedroom, and all the other rooms and 7 acres of grounds with a skill and creativity that brought in more interested visitors that any previous realtor. They were also open to using our own photographs of the house in different seasons and times of day which, especially for the outside pool, offered a more comprehensive look at the property. Then, with a sale pending, Dawn Preziosi – handling closing logistics – was always responsive, returning calls within hours if not answering immediately, and offering advice to address all the many items that need addressing when a home has wells, a septic system and the Twp has lots of permitting and CO requirements. Sue herself suggested staging our basement, which we’d been using as a home office, and making it feel more livable. That also worked, but – of course – her professional advice as to setting the right price at the right time of year was critical. Lastly we feel her team’s special expertise at servicing the “MidTown Direct” communities of Short Hills, Summit, etc., brought in a larger and broader set of potential Buyers than any previous realtor. For all those reasons, we’re happy to recommend the Adler Team, and hope your experiences are as happy and successful as ours. ~ Geoff and Erna, Mendham Home Sellers

Sue and her team are hands-down the most professional and responsive team

Sue and her team are hands-down the most professional and responsive team we could have working for us when we sold our house. Sue is a marketing genius–she attends to every detail and has mastered the digital forms of communication that many buyers rely on. Photos were beautiful, brochure was spectacular and the negotiations were handled most effectively. We felt like we hired the best! ~Eseng and Suzanne Lai, Short Hills Home Sellers

Your team approach to Real Estate is genius!

Your team approach to Real Estate is genius! We knew going in our realtor Laurie is a dedicated, conscientious person and we soon found she is in like company at the Sue Adler team. We appreciate so much the efforts of all of you but in particular those of Laurie and Vicky! These women were always pleasant, helpful, knowledgeable and courteous. The ability to have Vicki and Laurie both show us houses greatly maximized the number of visits we could see on our time schedule, which was so appreciated. ~LuAnn Nigara, Florham Park Home Sellers

We will definitely tell our family and friends to contact the Sue Adler Team if they want to buy or sell a house

Dear Sue,

We would like to thank you and your team for all your hard work with the house closing. We are so happy that we found your contact a year ago when we were looking for our first house in Millburn NJ.

We did find our dream home in Millburn, and we welcomed home our daughter from the hospital in this house, however from circumstances of job relocation we had to leave, but at the end of the day because of all of you we were able to sell the house with no glitches and stress, you all made it happen!

We would like to especially give a special thanks to Dawn and Kaitlin, for taking care of the inspection, close and all the house details on behalf of us.

We will definitely tell our family and friends to contact the Sue Adler Team if they want to buy or sell a house. Good Luck to All. ~Venkataraman Family, Millburn Home Sellers

Our home sold so quickly we had no time to be anxious

Our home sold so quickly we had no time to be anxious. The “team” is dynamic, professional and most important of all really nice people. No pretense, no surprises just great support and great results.Would we recommend Sue Adler to you? Positively YES! ~Stephen and Jo Ann Pine, Livingston Home Sellers





FHA mortgage insurance premium has dropped significantly!

FHA mortgage insurance premium has dropped significantly!

Effective January 26th, FHA has lowered the monthly mortgage insurance premium by 50 basis points on mortgage terms greater than 15 years.

What does this mean to you?

FHA mortgages are attractive to buyers because they allow a minimum investment of 3.5% of the purchase price. This low down payment is particularly helpful to first time homebuyers.

The mortgage insurance premium is a monthly expense associated with your mortgage. The reduction in this monthly payment over the life of your loan will save you money, and assist you in qualifying.

With only a 3.5% down payment required, this new 50 basis point reduction translates to a monthly savings to you of $123 for a $300,000 mortgage.

This is tremendously beneficial to borrowers for qualification purposes as the mortgage industry requires certain debt-to-income ratios when qualifying buyers for a mortgage.

So if you are one of the many who do not have 20% of the purchase price to put down on the home of your dreams, this reduction in the monthly mortgage insurance premium may be just the extra help you need to achieve home ownership now.

If you are interested in learning about how this effects your ability to buy a home in Chatham, Madison, Summit, Short Hills, Livingston, Maplewood, South Orange, New Providence, Berkeley Heights or any other town, give us a call at 973-936-9129 and we will point you in the right direction.



Are Interest Rates on the Move?

homeloansThere are five influences on US mortgage rates in the current market.   First, the Federal Reserve continues to reduce (taper) it purchases of US Treasuries and Mortgage Backed Securities.  The question moving forward is – What will the Fed do with its portfolio of Treasuries and Mortgages?  If the Fed redeploys the proceeds from mortgage amortization and payoffs from their portfolio of mortgage backed securities, mortgage rates will continue to stay low.  However,  if the Fed allows their portfolio to shrink, rates will move higher.   Announcements regarding the size and speed of reducing the Fed’s portfolio is going to be key to how fast mortgage rates will rise.

Second, the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan have embarked on a quantitative easing of their own.   As a result, longer term US Treasury securities are relatively more attractive to foreign investors than German or Japanese 10 year bonds.   As long as European and Japanese growth is sluggish, the US Treasury market, and by association the US mortgage backed securities market will be supported by foreign buying.  This may provide the cover for the Federal reserve to reduce their holding of US Treasuries and mortgage backed securities without rates moving significantly higher.

Third, tensions between the Ukraine and Russia have helped the US Bond market in a “flight to quality” move.   The flight to quality has kept US rates relatively low in the face of moderately strong economic data.   Movement of Russian troops send rates lower, signs of peace send rates higher.

Fourth, the day to day release of US economic data continues to move the markets.   If the data continues to suggest stronger economic growth in the US, markets will likely react by moving rates higher in advance of a perceived conclusion that the Fed will allow its portfolio to run off faster.

Finally, a low Federal Funds rate has been supportive to hedge funds who buy US treasury and mortgage backed securities and borrow short term money to create a spread.   Over the past few year, the Federal Reserve has broadcast the Fed Funds rate would remain near zero for “quite some time.”   Recently, Federal reserve members have been speaking publicly regarding the likely timing of increases in the Fed Funds.   Speculation about the timing and speed of hikes in the Fed Funds Rate will provoke hedge fund sales of mortgage backed securities and therefore move mortgage rates higher.

With 30 year fixed rates at or around +-4.25%, all eyes are on the Federal Reserve and the release of economic data for clues about the size of the Fed’s portfolio, the disposition of that portfolio, and the timing of hikes in the Fed Funds Rate.

~ Cathy Haddad, Sales Manager, Atlantic Home Loans,  848-203-2272 ~




Homes for Sale Dictionary: Internet Curb Appeal

6133717139_db0b230868Curb Appeal. It was a popular term a few years ago. It still should be. Defined as the ability that your home had to make a casual driver STOP the car and take notice of and be interested in your home. If your home had it, life was good!

It has always been an important factor in selling a home and still is. Let’s face it: Having a home with good “curb appeal” does indeed help your home possibly sell for more and faster. But TODAY’S real estate market is slightly different. Let’s talk about the current version of curb appeal. INTERNET curb appeal. Can you make a person searching for homes on the internet STOP and be interested in your home? We can provide you with ways to do just that.

Let’s start with a couple of tips for giving your home an internet curb appeal jump start:

First (and most important), take GREAT photos. Seriously. Awesome photos. You want to make sure that you take professional quality shots with great lighting. It is important to present your home in the best way possible. Take a look here on We are talking some quality homes and neighborhoods. Despite the fact that a listing will be a luxury home in a great area, you often will see more than a few with “less than attractive” photos. Don’t have that happen to you. Think of real estate websites like like a dating site for your home and a prospective buyer.

Number two, if you want your home to be the first one seen when people search on the internet, one way to help is price it at an even number in $25,000 increments. Do you know why? (Many people don’t. It is because real estate websites typically have menus that break prices down in $25,000 increments…and the difference in exposure between a home that is priced at $199,500 and $200,000 can be SIGNIFICANT. This is especially true if there are many other homes in that price range. A home can sometimesl get twice the exposure because it will be on the first page when a prospective buyer searches for a home rather than the second or third page of the results for that search. Think about when you search for something on Google. Do you go to the second or third page? Home buyers don’t either.

These are just a couple of ways for you to increase the internet curb appeal of your home. We have more! We combine our technology and marketing expertise to help your home online exposure that it deserves.

Have more questions? Want to boost the internet curb appeal of your home? Please call us today. We will be glad to assist you.



Realtor Magazine Chooses as 2013 Best Team Website & Blog in America

best websitesRealtor Magazine, the official magazine of the National Association of Realtors, released its 2013 Best of the Web Real Estate sites naming The Sue Adler Team as best website and blog in the country for Teams.  The list names various categories:  Individual, Team, Company and Best Use of Free Social Network. Recommendations were selected by the magazine’s editors with input from readers recognizing those real estate groups who create superb examples of online real estate space and tools.

According to Realtor Magazine, “The Keller Williams Sue Adler Team is all about highlighting quality of life in her NJ towns.  The web site has no shortage of videos, blog posts and photos covering local festivals, dining spots, park events, and youth activities.  New Jersey home buyers seeking convenient access to New York will learn from what the Short Hills area has to offer.  Best of all, the content is fun and engaging.  Web pages are framed with a clearly labeled drop-down navigation system that’s itching to be clicked on.  A front-and-center IDX search includes an interactive area map, complete with mass transit commute times to Manhattan.  And the site is customer-centric, successfully telling the team’s business story through a robust library of client testimonial videos.”

Hear it Direct, my consumer panel conference for the real estate industry is held twice a year to get a true understanding of what is important to the “google generation” . The insight we gain from these focus groups of buyers and sellers gives my team and others in the industry the ability to create the best possible customer experience from online research to closing. After all, by listening to the voice of the consumer, we can better serve the needs of our clients. On behalf of my entire team, we thank Realtor Magazine for this amazing recognition.

Please check out the article to learn more about the other winners!


It’s Official! Nothing Pays Off For NJ Sellers Like Hiring an Experienced Realtor!


True Color ImageTrue Color ImageTo quote the old adage – with age comes experience – rings very true in real estate.  To put it even clearer, about $25,000 for the average home in the US, which means that number is larger here in our NJ towns.  The more experience an agent has, the greater the likelihood they will sell the houses they list, have homes on the market for less time and sell at a higher price.  This makes sense…veteran agents, know their markets and have a solid network of buyers and sellers and most importantly know how to price your NJ Midtown Direct Line home, make any necessary staging recommendations to get it market ready and have a proven strategy to stir up interest to get your home sold for top dollar.

Bennie Waller, a professor of finance and real estate at Longwood University in Farmville, VA conducted a very interesting study on this topic.  Mr. Waller looked at 10,065 real estate listings in a mid-Atlantic multiple listing service from March1999 to July 2009 and divided the listings into three groups.  The first listed the agents who have been licensed for two years or less (rookies), the second are those agents licensed for up to 10 years and the third are the agents who have been licensed for 10 years or more (veterans).  Of course, the study controlled property size and location.  The findings were published in May 2012 in the Journal of Housing Research.

In summary, Mr. Waller concluded that experience pays off.  The confidence and lessons learned over the years serve to get homes priced and marketed just right.  We know the Midtown Direct communities and partner to buy or sell your home.

Here are Sue Adler Team 2013 listings sold showing days on market (DOM) and  year-to-date list to sales price ratio. It’s all about  market insight, experience and strategy.

 Sue YTD



















Industry News — HUD Announces Changes to FHA Mortgage Insurance

HUD Mortgage InsuranceFrom time to time, the housing market undergoes changes that may affect my clients.  It’s my responsibility to pass along industry news and keep clients informed.

As of April 1, 2013, annual mortgage insurance premiums for most FHA loans will increase by 10 basis points.  The increase is one of a series of changes to be issued to allow the agency to better manage risk and further strengthen the health of the MMI Fund, the FHA’s Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund.  The changes also state that the length of time the borrower is required to pay mortgage insurance will be extended if the loan is applied for on or after June 3, 2013.  At that time, borrowers with a Loan to Value (LTV) that begins above 90% will pay mortgage insurance for the life of the loan.

The changes are being made to protect FHA’s single-family insurance programs and to make sure the FHA remains a vital source of affordable mortgage financing for future generations of homebuyers.  Borrowers that have already been preapproved for FHA financing that file their case numbers prior to these changes will not be impacted.  However, buyers in the market now may want to act quickly before the changes take place.  Spring is here and new inventory is cropping up every day.

If you have any questions regarding the HUD changes or other specific financing concerns, please do not hesitate to contact myself or a member of my team.  Whether you are in the market today or in the future, we are always here to lend a hand and continually yours to count on.

Construction Professionals Are Becoming Tech Savvy Too

Businessman smiling at cell phone message.As a home buyer or seller, when it comes to your home, you expect your Midtown Direct real estate professional to be up to date on the latest technology. You want us to have an active web presence and list your Midtown Direct home on social media in order to get the most exposure possible.

But are you aware that many single-family home builders and remodeling professionals are tech savvy, too? Do you research the contractors you hire to complete your home renovation projects online before having the work completed? These days you absolutely can.

In a recent study from the National Association of Home Builders, more than 80 percent of construction professionals utilized smart phones and computers and most, over 70 percent, used laptops to conduct business operations and manage projects as well.

Many of these service providers seek ratings and pay attention to client satisfaction, but only about 20 percent allow customers to track project progress through technology. Still, this is one area where technology has experienced huge increases in the last two decades.

As consumers have become more comfortable with their technology, they’ve come to expect it from their construction professionals, many of whom they even connect with on Facebook and LinkedIn. In fact, the study revealed that it may be possible for some remodelers and small builders to double their share of business by using downloadable brochures and sharing new home buying details on their websites.

As a consumer, do you agree? Do you want and need technically proficient builders and remodelers? Do you enjoy looking through website portfolios when deciding on your contractor or do you make your decision on a face-to-face meeting?

I’m sure it’s much the same as being a real estate agent. My clients love searching for homes on my interactive website, doing their own research on my communities and calling me as they have questions or are ready to actively pursue home buying and home selling. Still, nothing beats a face-to-face meeting!  So in today’s world we are lucky to have both.

If you are curious about how technology has changed the construction and home building industry, see the full report here.  And, of course, my team can answer any questions that arise in your search for reputable contractors.

Is Changing the List Price of Your New Jersey Home Harmful?

One of my primary responsibilities is to share the latest trends and offer tips to help buyers and sellers in every way possible.  This month KCM’s (Keeping Matters Current) blog features a post by Ken H. Johnson, Ph.D., Florida International University & Editor of the Journal of Housing Research, well worth sharing and some food for thought for my community clients and friends.

The good news — the housing market is on the upswing and starting to show signs of recovery.  This means that sellers often think they can list their property at a higher price and then adjust when necessary.  But is that really the best strategy?  Are there adverse effects from changing the listing price of your home?  This is an age-old question that has been troubling real estate professionals as well as sellers almost every day.  Research scientifically conducted by John R. Knight, has no clear results or consensus, but his conclusions certainly ring true.

Knight’s findings are very interesting as he investigates changing a property’s listing price.  The research indicates that, on average, properties which experience a listing price change take longer to sell and suffer a greater price discount in the end than similar properties.  What’s more, the bigger the price change the longer the marketing time and ultimately even greater price reductions.  Finally, as for which properties are most likely to experience a price change, Knight concludes the greater the initial mark-up; the higher the likelihood that this property will experience a listing price change.

Bottom Line Implications

Sellers as well as Brokers/Agents must be aware of the importance of getting the price correct from the start.  That’s where my team and I can help – we have our pulse on this market and the experience and knowledge to get your home sold quickly and profitably.  At our initial consultation, we will give you all the information needed about the market in your particular neighborhood; discuss timing and a personalized marketing strategy.  After all, according to Knight, sellers wanting to over list will have a house sitting longer on the market that will end up selling for less.

Interestingly, Mr. Johnson’s research shows that changing the listing price up or down both lead to similar results found in Knight’s work – longer marketing times and lower selling price.  Count on my team to get the price right at the start and to work incredibly hard to get your house sold.

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