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Laurie Silver-Corsello did a great job helping me selling my house. She listened to what was important to me and accommodated my eccentricities. Her strategy played out exactly the way she said it would. I believe the Sue Adler team is very knowledgeable and professional and I’m completely satisfied with their representation.

Diane Davey
Home Seller | Maplewood, NJ

We were very satisfied with Laurie and the Sue Adler team. They were very professional, thorough and responsive. Although, we are slightly disappointed with the ultimate sale price, I learned a long time ago that the market is efficient and will price assets, including houses, rationally. We would recommend Laurie and the team without hesitation.

Chuck Keiley
Home Seller | Mountainside, NJ

We were relocating out of NJ and need to sell our home within a certain time frame. Laurie and the Sue Adler team delivered the best service we could have hoped for - they sold the house with a week, significantly over asking, and closed within 2 months, while we were remote for most of our closing. Laurie knew the market very well, she had an amazing contact who staged our home beautifully, the open house was flawless and we received multiple offers. She had an amazing team who helped us at every step of the way and kept on top of all the buyer's / relo company's requests. The entire process was seamless and painless due to Lauire's & team's efficiency and professionalism. Highly recommend!

Natasha Homji
Home Seller | Summit, NJ

Laurie worked with us to sell our house and did an incredible job. From start to closing she was professional, responsive to our needs, our questions and our concerns. She was positive, honest, caring, and always so easy and pleasant to work with. Laurie shared the same vision that we had in marketing plans for listing our home and she helped us implement them, giving us recommendations and putting us in touch with resources and contractors who were also excellent. She also has a great understanding of the local market. Laurie works with an absolutely amazing team – Chris, Melissa and Rick. Laurie and Chris bring their experience, and a keen sense of how to keep the deal together and bring it to settlement successfully, to the process. Laurie and her team are a dream to work with and I highly recommend working with them to sell (or buy) your home!

MaryBeth Napor
Home Seller | Short Hills, NJ

Her team is a level above anything we ever experienced. Just not in the same league in terms of process, professionalism and manpower - For every piece of the process we got a pro that is focused on that piece alone in addition to Laurie which was there for us the whole way through. Her potential client reach and resources can't be matched (we tried with other agents before) and resulted in a quick sale for us without the need to ever reduce price or having to be on the market for long time. After working with Laurie and her team we realized how much a head of the game you are when you work with the right person. I highly recommend working with her and the team there and encourage anybody to do their homework so they can realize the huge advantage in doing so.

J. Lerah
Home Seller | Livingston, NJ

Laurie and The Sue Adler Team is the right choice when selling a home!  Having had another Realtor under contract for a full 6 months with limited 'work' or interactions I choose The Sue Adler Team because of their business model, i.e., a true team approach.  It was great working with a team that had expertise in specific areas of real estate transactions.  Far different than the 'single' Realtor approach that I have had my experience with over the years. Trust them!  Everything won't necessarily go smoothly or to one's liking in buying or selling a home but trouble is mitigated when necessary by Laurie and The Sue Adler Team.

Jared Kaiser
Home Seller | Florham Park, NJ

Laurie and her team smoothed a lot of bumps for us in what could have easily turned into a nightmarish process. Our buyers were fastidious, and the expertise shown by Laurie and her team helped us navigate the various situations that popped up. Laurie also displayed great patience as we dragged our feet to put our house on the market, showing she has a strong ability to know her clients and to respond to their needs. We followed Laurie's advice and that of her colleagues throughout the process, and we're extremely glad we did. I can confidently recommend her to anyone looking to sell a home in the area.

Marcy Lefkowitz
Home Seller | Millburn, NJ

Working with Laurie and her team were absolutely wonderful. They were very knowledgeable very responsive, communicated all the time and kept me posted on all actions that I needed to do, as well as what was happening with our sale of our home. I would highly recommend using Laurie and her team and will do so again. You won't be disappointed!!!

Lina Decker
Home Seller | Millburn, NJ

Laurie is a terrific Real Estate professional. Her association with The Sue Adler group only heightens her abilities. We were very pleased with her market analysis, the selling approach and her confident manner. Beyond that, the back office people are very strong. Melissa was excellent in her execution and coordination. Chris Arcadia, is a hidden gem. He brings a lot of resources to the post sale process and has a significant number of responsive contacts. We interviewed a number of agents, but picked Laurie from the Sue Adler team, because of their professional approach and breadth of resources. They exceeded our expectations!!!

B. Hartman
Home Seller | Chatham, NJ

Laurie Silver-Corsello impressed us from the moment she walked into our home. Thoroughly knowledgeable, eminently prepared and pleasantly dynamic – these attributes served us so well as our house was listed, marketed, shown and sold. What we could not have known and appreciated from that first meeting, however, was the personal attention and guidance that she would continue to provide -- and always with the same level of honesty and dedication. We learned that time and time again through her work with us. Whatever Laurie said, she delivered. She was clear-headed and logical when we needed her to be and stepped up with solutions whenever situations developed. Working with her Sue Adler team of Melissa Bulwith, Neil Steiger and Peter Jacoby continued the level of professionalism that Laurie had introduced to us. In short, the experience of selling our home with Laurie Silver-Corsello was, in one word, “Sterling.”

Rona Parker
Home Seller
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