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**4 Offers after first weekend in 2009 market!
Last summer I decided to satisfy my curiosity and check out the open house taking place right down the street from my house in Maplewood. My husband and I had been toying with the idea of moving but had not yet made up our minds. There was so much to consider, not the least of which was the slow real estate market. Who would have guessed my actions would set the stage for my own open house a month or so later! I met Sales Agent Tracy Freeman at the open house and after the house tour I confessed that I was really "just being nosey" and not really looking to purchase. She laughed and said that was OK, no charge for looking -- and that was the beginning of our strong professional relationship. I was pleased to learn she was part of Sue Adler's team at Keller Williams; my husband and I knew about Sue and her great reputation. Sue and Tracy visited my home and Sue explained the process, discussed pricing, and made some recommendations. Her most important advice was that we should engage professional house stagers to make our house more appealing to potential buyers. Although we didn't think it was really necessary (because our house was already so beautiful, right?), we went ahead and hired the stagers. That was so difficult for us! Why couldn't we keep the soft yellow and chartreuse walls in the living room and the mango walls in the dining room? We love color! And what's wrong with the rather cluttered but cozy rooms? Well, we listened to the stagers and the results were fantastic! Those stager ladies know their stuff! We had the Open House on a Sunday and by Tuesday had received 4 offers. We ultimately sold the house to the highest bidder -- for $35,000 more than the asking price. Thanks, Sue, for all your insight and savvy assistance. Another very important member of Sue Adler's team is Dawn Preziosi, her trusted assistant. Dawn kept track of what papers were due when, and knew how to get us from here to there. She was the "go to" person on all administrative matters. Thank you, Dawn -- you are terrific, and such a joy to work with! Tracy Freeman was the person who guided us through the buying process of our new home, calmed our fears, held our hands throughout the process, and made everything seem all right. Tracey, you earned every bit of our substantial trust in you and we can't thank you enough. What more can I say about Sue Adler and her competent team, other than: Ladies, you rock!
Yvette and DavidReis
Home Buyer | Millburn, NJ