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Abby was nothing short of fantastic!
We worked with Abby Tanzer from Sue Adler to find our first home together (after getting married in the midst of COVID)! Abby was nothing short of fantastic. She did a ton of prep with us ahead of looking at homes, took the time to understand our preferences and what was important to us, and  suggested new things to think about in the context of each house. She made sure that we saw the neighborhood that each house was in as we drove from one to another, ensured that we noticed little things (both good and bad) in the homes that we might not have otherwise, and was often better than us at understanding how our tastes and preferences evolved as we saw more and more residences. We were never fully sold on moving out from NYC to NJ when we started our process with Abby and she never pushed us or made us feel like we had to go ahead with a purchase - she continually said that she supported whatever decision was best for us, and would always be here to help later on, should we not decide to buy at this time. Once we did put in an offer on a house, we got to the part that we truly could not have done without Abby! She put together comps and pulled in resources to help us come to an offer price, walked us through the closing process, was there every step of the way when we had questions, and was always willing and ready to meet us, an inspector, an appraised, or anyone else at the home who needed to be let in. We are SO grateful we found Abby and cannot recommend her enough!
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