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I now understand what it truly means to be No. 1 in New Jersey!  
Thank you so much for selling my house.  Sue, you really deliver your promise.  I now understand what it truly means to be No. 1 in New Jersey! Sue,  I enjoyed working with you.  You are sharp and decisive.  You have that acute ability to grab the crux of the issue and organize a team effort to tackle it.  It was a pleasure working with you. Chris has been a big help in the process.  He is extremely intelligent, resourceful, and meticulous.  He thinks ahead and plans well.  It is very difficult to imagine that we would be able to close it without Chris’s help.  California is like a world away from New Jersey.  Yet, Chris was always there when I needed him the most.  On January 2 the pipe burst in my house.  It was chaotic, and the situation looked grave.  Chris was the first to be there on the scene, stopping the damages, sharing information with me, communicating with the police department, and organizing the repairing and restoration effort.  All of these happened while New Jersey was having one snowstorm after another, a truly amazing and long-lasting winter.   Chris,  without your help I was thinking that this pipe burst was going to destroy my selling effort! Once the house was under contract there are a lot of details to take care of.  It was mind-bugling to me, to say the least.  However, Chris was there leading me to maneuver through this jungle every step of the way.  He helped me find plumbers, HVAC specialist, masonry, and electricians.  All of these processes happened while I was in California.  Chris, you made every detail work! Yours is a wonderful team, an amazing team indeed!  Everyone plays a crucial role, and every role was implemented well.  Yours deserves to be No. 1 in New Jersey.
Home Seller | New Providence, NJ