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Sue knows the market like nobody’s business – she’s honest, has integrity, and sold my house in a bidding war in 1 weekend!
After having my house on the market for the better part of a year I knew in my heart that I needed a new agent. The second time around I was rigorous in making a selection and with several seemingly good candidates in hand, I went with my gut and chose to go with Sue's team. It was a terrific decision. Every single person on Sue's team, including Sue, is kind, honest, responsive, and EXTREMELY knowledgeable in his/her respective area of expertise. I cannot remember a time to this day that anyone on Sue's team doesn't respond to my texts within an hour, if not less. Sue knows the market and studies the market like nobody's business, she knows how to market your house, she is honest, she has integrity and she sold my house in a bidding war in one single weekend. Her transaction manager was PHENOMENAL when it came to negotiating the home inspection. She knows EVERYTHING and everyone to provide estimates and proper responses. Phil was incredible to me -- available to meet my buyers, the inspectors, the buying agent, anyone who was at my house at any time. And he was so kind to my kids. As a single working mom who commutes 5 days a week, often travels for work and juggles a hectic schedule all around the service Sue's team provided to me top to bottom ensured I was constantly looked after, my interests were represented, and that I sold my house quickly and smoothly -- with no hiccups. It isn't just about getting offers... it's about taking you through the whole process and ensuring you are well represented at every turn right up through the closing. So it comes as no surprise that I used Sue's team on the buying end as well, and I was equally cared for and looked after in every way. Peter was an absolute GEM. Patient. Responsive. He listened to me. He heard and understood what I was looking for. He took me to see so many houses weekend after weekend after weekend, often with my kids in tow and as sweet and kind to them as you can imagine. At the time my kids were 7 and 5 and not terribly patient in Mommy's long home searching process. Peter was lovely to them. Absolutely lovely. And though our months of searching I made many offers, got into many bidding wars, lost houses because of my nagging home sale contingency and we started over again and again and again. And though it all Peter stayed with me, guided me, consulted with me, worked through every deal patiently and thoroughly. Never getting frustrated or pushing me to concede unnecessarily. He genuinely had my best interests at heart. Determined as I was to find my new home. And ultimately, when a house I had lost out on in a bidding war came back on the market he caught it immediately. He sent me the notice and we made another offer.... this time accepted. He was attentive and present with me through the inspections and all the final negotiations, always with my best interests in mind to the very end. When I closed on each house -- my sale and my buy -- I heard cheers from both Sue and Peter, who were genuinely happy for me, GENUINELY(!), to start this new chapter in my life. Without question, I would highly recommend to everyone I know! And, um, I already have. :)
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