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Sue’s ability to read the changing market and react appropriately was brilliant!
We are so appreciative of Sue Adler and her team! From our first meeting with Sue and Amy, it was clear that they appreciated the unique characteristics, amenities and charm of our home. Their enthusiasm and passion was contagious and exactly what we were looking for. We knew very quickly that they were going to be the right team to help us sell our home. We took a bit of a risk by choosing a team of agents from outside of Westfield. That risk paid off! Sue’s ability to read the changing market and react appropriately to it was brilliant. Rather than being inhibited by the price cap that some agents wanted to place on our home, Sue and Amy saw the potential of our home and then focused on the attributes sought by buyers and the value they would assign to them. The resulting difference in market potential was dramatic. Not only did Sue list our price significantly over what other agents suggested, but her team delivered. Our final sales price was more than a half million dollars above what everyone else thought it should be. Considering how much heart, energy and resources we put into our home, we were thrilled that Sue helped us get as much value as possible for our home. We very much appreciated dealing directly with Sue and Amy during the entire listing process, for all of the showings, and during the negotiations. The Sue Adler team approach is a recipe for success. From Sue, to Amy, Peter, Melissa and Chris: the team’s expertise in writing, photography, videography, social media, marketing, networking, and execution of transactions, was outstanding! From start to finish the sale of our home was an incredible experience that exceeded our expectations. Many thanks to Sue and her amazing team!
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