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Thank you for all of your sage advice, support, and honesty!
Sue – On behalf of Ivy and myself I am writing to thank you for all of your sage advice, support, and honesty. You always told us the way things were, rather than the way that we wished them to be. And the proof is in the pudding –by listening to you and following your directives we were able to conclude a successful sale—albeit with the usual trials and tribulations that go along with dealing with purchasers of ones home. And thank you for your team – everyone from Peter, to Melissa, to Chris to Rick – and the sales people who hosted our open houses- everyone was supportive, knowledgeable and great to work with. Your recommendation of both Pam (and her assorted team) and Leah was perfect; without Pam we never would have been able to dispose of all of the “extras” that we had accumulated in order to get the house into tip top shape.
Ivy and KenGoldberg
Home Seller | Short Hills, NJ
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