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The amount we received over the asking price was enough to pay the entire Realtors’ fee!
Professionally, the Sue Adler Team can't be topped. Sue personally evaluated my home, which was which I had added a mission-style addition that increased the floor space by nearly 50% and made the home unlike anything usually found in Glenwood. Sue genuinely appreciated the love and care put into the upgraded design, and priced the home accordingly. Then Sue's listing success manager(Melissa) put me in touch with contractors to finish projects and perfect the home, and high school/college kids to help de-clutter. Then, she actually, physically, helped me move stuff” into the garage in preparation for the photo shoot. The photographer took great photos of both inside and outside, capturing many of the more subtle upgrades, for the brochure. We hit the market Thursday, and by Monday we had three offers over asking price! Then, Sue's post-closing “Transactional” team took over. Dawn advised on and helped negotiate and resolve the home inspection issues, made sure all the Addition's permits were closed out (who knew?), set up all the inspections needed, picked up the permits, took care of access to the house for the town inspections so I could stay at work and even picked up and installed the kitchen fire extinguisher required by code (again, who knew?). The amount we received over the asking price was enough to pay the entire Realtors' fee! On a personal level, the entire Sue Adler team was sensitive to the fact that I was going through a divorce, tackling this project, both enormous in size and in emotional difficulty, by myself. They were sympathetic, supportive, motivating, helpful, all at the right time. I was never alone in this project.
Home Seller | Short Hills, NJ
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