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When I had a question, I wanted a quick answer and got it!!
I hired Sue Adler as our realtor (we were the seller) based on her reputation around town. what I didn't know (or frankly understand well) was that not only would i get her but her "team". I had no real concept of what that approach was all about, but now that I've seen it in action I'd highly recommend it to anyone. its seems sort of the realtor concept on steroids! Sue basically has an expert on all aspects of selling houses working with her. Whatever questions I had (electrical, structural, legal etc) she has someone that handles it immediately. No waiting for her to consult an outside expert. It's the no waiting aspect that i really liked. When I had a question, I wanted a quick answer and got it!! She had promised at our first meeting that calls would be answered within 15 minutes. Frankly I didn't really believe that speil but it proved absolutely correct throughout the entire process. Sue herself knows her business and her market extremely well. I needed a good marketer but one that was not obnoxious. Sue brought me several offers after the first weekend and and exceeded all my expectations in every aspect. I would recommend her and her "team of experts" approach to anyone looking to sell (or buy) in her markets.
Terri and PeterSayia
Home Seller | Short Hills, NJ
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