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“Years of experience and sharp instincts”
My husband and I were living in Manhattan with our two young sons when we realized that our growing family needed to? take the plunge? into the suburbs. At the time, I knew the Short Hills/Summit area by reputation through associates at work, but I wasn't familiar enough with the neighborhoods and streets to make an informed decision on a specific house. I also knew that we were looking at some of the nicer homes in the area and that our specific needs might be challenging for any realtor to fill. My own lack of familiarity with the area gave me some cause from concern, because I didn't want to be steered in the wrong direction by an over-zealous realtor who was anxious to make a sale. Luckily, I found Sue Adler to help me with what has turned out to be the biggest and most important move of my life. It became apparent to me early in our relationship that Sue believes that open and honest communication between a realtor and client will result in the best outcome for all parties involved. Sue was always straight and forthcoming with me. She treated my wishes with respect, she worked very, very hard, and she was consistently upbeat and a pleasure to talk to through the entire process. Also, I was very impressed with Sue’s ability to close a deal. Once I knew which house I wanted to buy, Sue worked quickly and impeccably to get the deal done. In a competitive marketplace, her years of experience and sharp instincts played an important role in our ability to buy the home that we are now living in and enjoying immensely. With Sue Adler’s help, we truly feel that we have made the best possible decision for our family.
Home Buyer | Short Hills, NJ
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