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Abby helped us purchase our first home in a market where 15+ offers were being made on one property. We were new to the neighborhood and she was extremely insightful to help us make the right choice for our family. She has great relations with other brokers and that went a long way when we made an offer on our home. Very warm, personable and extremely likeable personality. Rarely ever do you find a broker who is so honest and not just in it to make a quick sale. Highly recommend her!!

Working with Laurie and her team were absolutely wonderful. They were very knowledgeable very responsive, communicated all the time and kept me posted on all actions that I needed to do, as well as what was happening with our sale of our home. I would highly recommend using Laurie and her team and will do so again. You won't be disappointed!!!

Lina Decker
Home Seller | Millburn, NJ

Sue and her team are simply outstanding. Sue knows the Millburn/Short Hills market well, and knows how to structure a sale process and transaction for the benefit of the both the seller and the buyer. From initial consultation on the listing through the close of a deal, she is focused, professional and efficient. Most importantly, there are no gaps in execution or coverage at all - members of her team specialize in bringing your house to listing phase, with fantastic copy and stunning photos, then through a flawless open house process. Then the magic goes even further when Sue helps guide the contract process - from discussing terms to accepting the right offer.  ( Did I mention she brought us several offers after the first weekend? ) Her amazing transaction execution team led by Dawn steps in and guides the owner through any and all issues during the inspection and contract process. Not only does Sue get your deal done quickly and efficiently, and at the right price, she also does it without you ever doubting for a minute the team's ability to bring it to an effective close. Every once in a long while you meet someone that just astounds you with how good they are at what they do. Sue is that person, and the fantastic team she has assembled just makes that effect exponentially greater.

Dan and Su Chen
Home Seller | Millburn, NJ

Sue and her team are great. I worked with Laurie Silver-Corsello, who was everything you'd want in a realtor: she knew the market, made herself available around my schedule, handled many details around the closing, recommended reliable contractors after the sale and otherwise made this a pleasant experience. Sue and her team have a great feel for the Millburn-Short Hills area and are very well regarded locally, which also makes working with them a bonus.

Alan Wolk
Home Buyer | Millburn, NJ

We wish to express our tremendous gratitude to Sue Adler for her expertise, effort, and professionalism throughout the process of relocating our family. Sue helped us through both selling our old house and purchasing a wonderful new home in the midst of a tough real estate market. Sue was always patient, sensitive, and provided excellent advice as we had to make numerous difficult decisions during the buy and sell process. She worked tirelessly and was always there for us when we needed. Sue's assistance extended far beyond her responsibilities as a realtor as she referred us to an outstanding team of real estate attorneys, contractors, designers and a host of others who helped us forge ahead. We have already recommended Sue to several friends who have also been very pleased with her services and will continue to recommend her without reservation.

Evan and Sherri Fischer
Home Buyer | Millburn, NJ

Laura is an absolute wonder to work with, and is by all means the best part of the home buying/selling process. Laura helped us purchase our first home. She is extremely knowledgeable, responsive, insightful, and an absolute pleasure to spend time with while searching. You definitely want Laura on your home buying or selling team.

Julie Cho
Home Buyer | Millburn

Amy is an amazing agent to work with - she is responsive and knowledgeable. She is also very flexible in accommodating schedules. She went above and beyond in making our deal work for us, as well as supporting us when we moved in.  Overall, we loved Amy and would definitely recommend her as a   broker.

Soorashree Telang
Home Buyer | Millburn, mNJ

Dear Sue, We would like to thank you and your team for all your hard work with the house closing. We are so happy that we found your contact a year ago when we were looking for our first house in Millburn NJ. We did find our dream home in Millburn, and we welcomed home our daughter from the hospital in this house, however from circumstances of job relocation we had to leave, but at the end of the day because of all of you we were able to sell the house with no glitches and stress, you all made it happen! We would like to especially give a special thanks to Dawn and Kaitlin, for taking care of the inspection, close and all the house details on behalf of us. We will definitely tell our family and friends to contact the Sue Adler Team if they want to buy or sell a house. Good Luck to All.

Venkataraman Family
Home Seller | Millburn, NJ

If you were going to sell your house, you'd have to come up with reasons why you wouldn't ask Sue to take on the challenge. She’s that good. Okay, so there are several caveats. First, Sue and I have been friends and colleagues long before she helped me sell my house in MIllburn. Second, some of this review is not just Sue herself, but her team, especially Dawn Preziosi, her transactions manager. Third, I'm likely not your typical consumer since I work in the industry and know too much. Having said that, if you were going to sell your house in one of Sue's markets, you'd have to come up with reasons why you wouldn't ask her to take on the challenge. You should start with, "Is there any reason why I shouldn't use Sue?"  She's that good. Local knowledge -- there may be other agents who have a better pulse on what is going on with the market at any given time. I just don't know them. She and her team handle so many listings, handle so many buyers, and are doing so many deals that they have a really, really good grasp of what's going on, what buyers are thinking, what features are important, and which are not. She knows the towns, the neighborhoods, the schools, what it's like to live there... pretty impressive for a Philly native. One piece of advice: if you're going to list with Sue, just listen to her advice on pricing. You might think your house is one-in-a-million exception, but she has a far better grasp on the market than you do. You hire her for that knowledge and insight, so don't argue with her. Process expertise -- between her and Dawn, possibility the best duo you want on your side. Ask Sue sometime about "bulletproofing the transaction" -- the woman knows her stuff as it comes to what has to be done to get a deal done, what the steps are, and what creates demand. And Dawn may be the best "project manager" for a home sale you could find. She's totally on top of every single step. Responsiveness -- maybe it's because we're friends, but I doubt it. Keeping in mind that she is busy pretty much all the time, speaks nationally (internationally even) at huge major conferences, and so on, Sue is pretty much always available. And Dawn even more so. I recommend email and text messages, actually, rather than phone calls because they're usually running around doing something, but they get back to you in a hurry. Doing the sale from Texas, there were some parts of the transaction where communication could have gotten fouled up; they were on top of the issues and smoothed everything out. Negotiation skills -- since I wasn't on the phone listening to Sue negotiate, I have no way of judging this. But consider the result: I did not have to sell. We had great tenants in the place already. We would have been happy to just hold on to it as an investment property. But I got the price and terms I wanted, so I did. If results are an indication of negotiation skills, then you got nothing to worry about. The Extras --  Let's just say that Sue and Dawn went way, way, way above and beyond what you'd expect from a real estate agent. Two examples come to mind. First, we had moved away and the house was vacant, when we got hit with a NJ snowstorm. We didn't actually know who to call to arrange for the driveway and sidewalk to be shoveled so the house can be shown. Well, Sue got her husband (I believe) to actually take a shovel out to our house and have it shoveled. Not just once, but twice. Might have been three snowstorms, actually. Would your agent do that for you?  Second, the cleaners we had hired did not do the greatest job in the kitchen; we got a call from Dawn that the oven was not cleaned as well as it should, and the appliances were not exactly sparkling. Well, Ms. Preziosi went down there herself, personally, with scrubbing brushes in hand, and spent an hour on a Saturday morning cleaning our frikkin' oven by hand so the house was ready to be shown. That's... well, you tell me if your agent would do THAT for you. So, like I said, if you're going to sell in Millburn, Short Hills, or any of her other markets... you should come up with a good reason why you wouldn't want to use Sue and her team. Robert Hahn Managing Partner 7DS Associates personal blog:

Robert Hahn
Home Seller | Millburn, NJ

Dear Mr Bunn, We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation, gratitude & admiration for Sue Adler. We were cast into a situation where the time was of the essence in our relocation. Having worked previously to no avail with two competitive firms, we were indeed fortunate to come upon the services of Sue. When we engaged her services, she took on our issue with a determination we believe in our experience is uparalleled in the industry. Ms. Adler became more than a sales consultant. She became totally vested in our needs. She selectively chose several properties descriptive of our particular needs. Working beyond exhaustion she was able to find for us, a home unparalleled in the several residences in which we have lived over the past several years. We in particular are indeed fortunate to share in the outstanding professionalism of this truly competent sales associate. Be assured that we have spoken relentlessly about Sue's ethics and competency. Again, my thanks for someone who made a difficult process rewarding and satisfying. Sincerely, Nick Navarino, Former Millburn Middle School Principal and Patricia Navarino, Director of Art Department Millburn High School

Nick and Patricia Navarino
Home Buyer | Millburn, NJ
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