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Our Realtor, Melissa Bulwith, with the Sue Adler Team of Keller Williams was everything you could hope for as a consummate professional!! As our Realtor, Melissa advised us on the best strategies needed for a successful outcome. Melissa Bulwith coordinated and directed her TEAM, a whole group working seamlessly together in making our dream come true of listing/prepping/receiving multiple bids the FIRST weekend listed/selling/closing our 20 year beloved family home in New Providence, NJ. She has an in-depth knowledge of the area and if you listen to her advice, you can be successful too!! Of note, we did this entire transaction with Melissa Bulwith while we were located out of state, no easy task, unless you have Melissa on your side!! We highly recommend her wholeheartedly to any families moving into/out of New Providence and the surrounding area.

Michelle Brenner

My wife and I worked with Vikas from February 2022 until May 2022, when we closed on the home we ended up buying. I work in northeast Pennsylvania and commute by car, whereas my wife works in NYC and commutes by train. Therefore, easy/quick accessibility to NJ Transit train station and I-80/I-78 were important factors. Vikas started by helping us identify New Jersey towns and neighborhoods that would work best for us, based on our commutes and other key factors. Next, Vikas provided us with listings, as they became available in the towns / neighborhoods that we were interested in. He met with us, whenever we asked him to, for open houses or walk-throughs at the homes we were interested in. When we found homes that we were interested in, Vikas not not only provided us with comps on other homes in the neighborhood that had sold over the past 12 months, but also explained to us what the numbers meant and what range a competitive offer should fall within. This guidance was extremely helpful given how aggressive the market was at that time. The first offer we made on a home we liked, while above the listing price, was not nearly as high as it needed to be in order to succeed. Vikas knew this and explained this to us, but he never pressured us to increase our offer since he could tell that we weren't as excited about this home as we needed to be in order to increase the offer. Although we did not get the home, that experience really increased our trust for Vikas. We knew we were working with the right agent, whose primary motivation was to help us end up in a home that we would be excited to live in. As we continued our search, we made two other offers, and Vikas helped us through those. We ended up getting the home we wanted - one that we were really excited to live in - in March. During the next steps, Vikas leveraged his agency's network to connect us with an attorney who made our lives much easier during the next steps in the process leading up to the closing. Additionally, when we had questions about specific things (such as taxes in the township), Vikas leveraged this agency's network of subject matter experts to connect us with people who could answer our question. In summary, we benefited from Vikas' deep understanding of the New Jersey real estate market in Essex, Morris, and Union counties (which contained the towns we were interested in) and how to structure a competitive offer in an aggressive real estate market. And it was a pleasure to work with an agent who had our best interest in mind, provided sound advice, and never pressured us to make an offer on a property we weren't interested in or make an excessive offer if we were not excited about the property. And his network of attorneys, mortgage providers, and other experts made the closing process painless for us.

On behalf of Clare and myself. We want to thank everyone for an excellent job in selling 80 Tall Oaks Drive!! Our expectations were greatly exceeded and Clare and I couldn’t be happier with everyone’s professionalism and courteousness. Thank you again for a job well done!!

Clare and Peter Hedley
Home Seller | New Providence, NJ

Finn is one person who would give his 110% - time and effort - to get you YOUR dream home. He would walk along with you every step of the process, collecting house details and neighborhood data, arranging multiple private viewings, providing important notes about open houses and recent trends, and making sure that you have all the information when it comes to making that final decision. If you are looking to buy your first home, he would assemble most efficient team for you. Your home buying experience can’t be better than this.


Larry has been great in helping me find the right home for my family. I was very impressed with the speed in which he responds to my queries, either in mail or through phone and also his negotiation skills in helping me put a competitive bid for the house which had a lot of bidders on the first day itself. I would recommend Larry to anyone looking to buy a home as he has been a pleasure to work with. Thanks Larry!

Home Buyer | New Providence

Thank you so much for selling my house.  Sue, you really deliver your promise.  I now understand what it truly means to be No. 1 in New Jersey! Sue,  I enjoyed working with you.  You are sharp and decisive.  You have that acute ability to grab the crux of the issue and organize a team effort to tackle it.  It was a pleasure working with you. Chris has been a big help in the process.  He is extremely intelligent, resourceful, and meticulous.  He thinks ahead and plans well.  It is very difficult to imagine that we would be able to close it without Chris’s help.  California is like a world away from New Jersey.  Yet, Chris was always there when I needed him the most.  On January 2 the pipe burst in my house.  It was chaotic, and the situation looked grave.  Chris was the first to be there on the scene, stopping the damages, sharing information with me, communicating with the police department, and organizing the repairing and restoration effort.  All of these happened while New Jersey was having one snowstorm after another, a truly amazing and long-lasting winter.   Chris,  without your help I was thinking that this pipe burst was going to destroy my selling effort! Once the house was under contract there are a lot of details to take care of.  It was mind-bugling to me, to say the least.  However, Chris was there leading me to maneuver through this jungle every step of the way.  He helped me find plumbers, HVAC specialist, masonry, and electricians.  All of these processes happened while I was in California.  Chris, you made every detail work! Yours is a wonderful team, an amazing team indeed!  Everyone plays a crucial role, and every role was implemented well.  Yours deserves to be No. 1 in New Jersey.

Lei Li
Home Seller | New Providence, NJ
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